Website Design, Maintenance and Hosting

  • As part of a total marketing strategy, we help companies take their first steps on the Internet. We design, host and maintain sites and provide solutions to ensure that your business gets the most from its investment. We are a one stop solution to your internet requirements. We will promote and support your window on the world.
  • Your customised website can have as many pages of pictures and text as you like, including order forms, search documents, guest books, mailing lists and much more. And your details can be revised and updated as often as you like.
  • We will maintain and update your site on a regular basis.
  • There is provision for email and web forwarding, fax services, e-commerce, secure services (for credit card sales, database applications and Closed User Groups) and search submission to numerous search engines world-wide with a regular report on the pages' ranking in those search engines.
  • Don’t leave your web site design and promotion to chance, be sure it is part of your overall marketing strategy.

Key Benefits
Professional                                        accountable                               One stop solutions

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